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About Us


Stem Cell Capital is helping patients with joints and soft tissue issues to once again enjoy their lives as a normal physically active person by providing them a permanent fix to the core problem.

Steroids or other traditional pain relief treatments just help reduce pain and do not work on the actual problem. Most of the times, the therapists use NSAIDS, oral narcotics or injections with cortisone which only work on the symptoms and do not solve the actual problem.

No matter the condition; back aches, arthritis in hip, knee or shoulder, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis; ligament issues; Achilles Tendonitis; Tennis or Golfers Elbow; Stem Cell Capital provides hope to the patients that they can avoid risky surgical procedures, and also that damage is not permanent and it can be repaired.

Our regenerative medicine is helpful in repairing the injury and Arthritis through stem cells and Platelet Plasma therapy sessions.

We provide all stem cell treatments and therapies such as:

  • Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Treatments
  • Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Therapy
  • Amniotic Derived Stem Cells
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Stem Cell Capital uses the latest advancements for the regenerative medicine. We can definitely help if you are looking to avoid a joint replacement surgery or an operation for conditions like Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis. Our Board Certified physicians are experienced and directly administer all the treatments at Stem Cells Capital.

Stem Cells Capital Medical Center New York

Our highly competent, compassionate and trustworthy providers around the New York area have successfully treated hundreds of patients with stem cell and Platelet Rich Plasma therapies.

We treat all types of conditions like Arthritis, soft tissue injuries, Tendonitis, sports injuries and Neuropathy, and also some systemic conditions as well.

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